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Patterns & Misc Products
P9-Pattern PH001 P9-Pattern PH006 P10-Processed sample YX001-YX004 P10-Processed sample YX006 P10-Processed sample YX005 P10-Processed sample YX008


P11-White Marble Fountains P11-Floating Fountain Sphere 9 P11-Floating Fountain Sphere 8 P12-Small Angel Fountain P12-Double Layer Fountain P13-Lotus Bud Fountain P13-Triple Layer Fountain


P14-Statues (FH018000) P14-Statues (FH018300) P14-Statues (FH019100) P14-Statues (FH017500) P14-Statues (FH015900) P14-Statues (FH016000) P14-Statues (FH016600) P14-Statues (FH017700)
Countertops, kitchen tops and vanity tops Table tops, other tops and furniture floating sphere, floating ball, floating fountain Fireplace Construction stones, building stones Gardening Products White Marble fountain, Ponds Statues Carved Products Tombs and Memorial products Japanese Lantern

    SDC Stone Plus Ltd.
    Email: market@sdcstone.com
    Unit 1212, New City Centre,
    No. 2 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
    Tel : (852) 2529 3610, Fax : (852) 2529 6277, 2529 3980

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