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SDC Stone Plus Limited is an exporter of granite, marble and slate products for construction, plus products for kitchen and bathroom. It owes its success from its former sister company, SDC Company, which is first established in 1996 in Hong Kong. We have been focusing in fabricating granite products specifically for export. Our factory is equipted with appropriate and adequate machineries and skill labors in Xiamen of Fujian Province in China, we are capable to supply quality products in different sectors.

    SDC Stone Plus Limited
    Sales and Adminstration Office
    Unit 1905, Nan Fung Centre,
    264 - 298 Castle Peak Road,
    Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong
    Tel : +852. 2529 3610
    Fax : +852. 3011 5199 or +852. 2529 3980
    Email: market@sdcstone.com
    Skype call : sdcstone

    Our Member :
    General Manager
    David Yeung - email: david@sdcstone.com

    Assistant General Manager
    Richard Yeung - email: richard@sdcstone.com

    Show room & Factory Office
    3/F, Success Building, Block II
    Shingjing Street, Nan An City,
    Fujian PC : 362343, China

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