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Galaxy Grey Island, countertops

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Economy class
G664: Bain Brook BrownG664 Bain Brook Brown Granite Sample

G657: Fujian Pink G657 Fujian Pink Granite Sample

G603: Saint Andrews Grey G603 Grey Granite Sample

GW274: Oyster White GW274 Oyster White / Spray White Granite Sample

Midium class
GK177:Impala Black-China G654 China Impala Black Granite Sample

GBR226:Tan Brown Indian Granite Sample, Tan Brown Granite Sample

GG803:Butterfly Green Brazil Granite Color : Butterfly Green Sample

GK155: Steel Grey Indian Granite Sample, Steel Grey Granite Sample

Luxury class
GW058:Bianco Santa Cecilia Bianco Santa Cecila Granite Sample

GW063: River White Granite Color sample, River White Granite Sample

GK166: Impala Black South Africa Granite, Impala Black Granite, Befast Sample

GBR055 : Cafe Bahia Brazil Granite color : Cafe Bahia Sample

GBR228 : Cafe Imperial Granite color : Cafe Imperial, Brazil Granite Sample

GY101 : Giallo Antico Giallo Antico Granite Sample

GY 146  : Giallo Calafuria Brizialian granite Color : Giallo Calafuria Sample

GY048 : Giallo SF Real "JL" Brazil Granite Color : Giallo SF Real JL Sample

GY102 : Giallo Veneziano Giallo Veneziallo Granite Sample

GY064 : Golden Flower Brazilian Granite Color : Golden Flower Sample

GY091 : Golds Gremar Golds Gremar Granite Sample

GW134 : Polar White Brazil Granite, Color : Polar White

GG020 : St. Francisco Brazil Granite Color : St. Francisco Granite Sample

GW141 : White Solar Brazil Granite Color : White Solar Sample

GBR115 : Baltic Brown Baltic Brown Granite Sample

GG117 : Baltic Green Baltic Green Granite Sample

GR116 : Carmen Red Flamingo African Juparana Granite Sample

GBR227:Flamingo Juparana Flamingo African Juparana Granite Sample

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Economy class
G687: Bain Brook Peach G687 Bain Brook Peach Granite Sample

G701: Galaxy Grey G701 Galaxy Grey Granite Sample

GW208: Bianco Sardo GW208 China Bianco Sardo Granite Sample

G439: White Coarse Grained G439 White Coarse Grained Granite Sample

Midium class
GR044:Sand Waves China Granite Color : GB044 Wave Panning Sample, Arenea Negro Ondas

GG111:Verde Uba Tuba Brazil Granite Color : Verde Uba Tuba Granite Sample

GX009N:New Caledonia New Calidonia Granite Sample

GK161: Angola Black South Africa Granite, Angola Black Granite Sample

Luxury class
GY118: Giallo Fiorito Giallo Fiorit Granite Sample

GW081:Bianco Antico-India Bianco Antico Granite Sample

GK165: Belfast South Africa Granite, Belfast Granite Sample

SXB001 : Absolute Black SXB001 Absolute Black Granite Sample

GY002 : Tiger Yellow GY002 Tiger Skin Yellow Granite Sample

GX004 : Leopard Skin GX004 Leopard Skin Granite Sample

GB031 : Iceland Sapphire China Granite Color : GB031 Iceland Sapphire Sample

GB040 : Panxi Blue China Granite Color : GB040 Panxi Blue Sample

GB070 : Butterfly Blue China Granite Color : China Butterfly Blue Granite Sample

GB093 : Pacific Ocean Blue China Granite Color : Pacific Ocean Blue Granite Sample

GG113 : Sage Green China Granite Color : Sage Green Granite Sample

GY187 : China Golden Leaf GY187 China Gold Leaf Granite Sample

G369 : Sapphire Spring G369 Sapphire Spring Granite Sample

G613 : Fujian Brown G613 Brown Granite Sample

G633 : Sesame Grey G633 Sesame Grey Granite Sample

G634 : Misty Mauve G634 Misty Mauve Granite Sample

G635 : Sakura G635 Pink Granite Sample

G640 : Spotted Zebra G640 Spotted Zebra Granite Sample

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Economy class
G 623: Moon Pearl G623 Moon Pearl Granite Sample

G702: Saint George Grey G702 Saint George Grey Granite Sample

GX308: Picasso Furious GX308 Picasso Furious Granite Sample, Symphony Granite

G301:Golden Peach Shandong G301 Golden Peach Shandong Granite Sample

Midium class
GY303:Desert Sunset GY303 Desert Sunset Granite Sample

GY073:Merry Gold Brazil Granite Color : Merry Gold Sample

GY052: Gold Butterfly Brazil Granite Color : Gold Butterfly Sample

GX150:Labrador Pearl Black Indian Granite Color, Labrador Pearl Black Sample

Luxury class
GW178 : Italian White Italian Granite Color : Italy White Sample

GY051N:Giallo Santa Cecilia Giallo Santa Cecila Granite Sample

GY034: Giallo Ornamental Giallo Ornamental Granite Sample

G654 : Charcoal Black G654 China Impala Black Granite Sample

G663 : Peach Ice G663 Light Brown Granite Sample

GT666 : Almond Mauve GT666 Almond Mauve Granite Sample

GL667 : Misty Mauve GL667 Pink Granite Sample

G682 : Golden Peach G682 Golden Peach Granite Sample

G684 : Raindrop Black G684 Raindrop Black Granite Sample

G696 Red Yong Ding G696 Red Yong Ding Granite Sample

GX 009   : Caledonia Caledonia Granite Sample

GY030 : Golden Leaf GY187 China Gold Leaf Granite Sample

GR010 : Najran Red Najran Red Granite Sample, Saudi Arabia Granite Sample

GBR071 : Tropic Brown Indian Granite Sample, tropical Brown Granite Sample

GG038 : Olive Green South Africa Granite, Olive Green Sample

GG174 : Verde Fountain South Africa Granite, Verde Fountain Sample

GW429 : Gris Perla Spainish Granite Color : Gris Perla Sample

GB043 : Saint Louis Portugal Granite Color : Saint Louis Sample

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Economy class
G617: Hazy Brown G617 Hazy Borwn Granite Sample

G655: China White G655 China White Granite Sample

GX307: Symphony GX307 Rainbow River Granite Sample, Symphony Granite

G562:Maple Red G562 Maple Red Granite, Maple Leaf Red Sample

Midium class
GW002: Tiger White GW002 Tiger White Granite Sample

GX009.In: Caledonia-India Indian Granite Color, Caledonia India Granite Sample

GBR078: Camel Brown Indian Granite Color, Camel Brown Granite Sample

GY080: Giallo San Francisco Brazil Granite Color : Giallo San Francisco Granite Sample

Luxury class
GW023: Kashmie White Granite Color sample, Kashmie WhiteSample

GY053: New Venetian Gold Brazil Granite Color : New Venetian Sample

GK120: Black Galaxy Indian Granite Sample, Black Galaxy Granite Sample

GBR072 : Antique Brown India Granite Color : Antique Brown Sample

GW138 : Chiade White Indian Granite Color, Chiade White Sample

GBR143 : Golden Diamond Golden Diamond - Indian Granite ColorSample

GR275 : Imperial Red Black Galaxy - Indian Granite Sample

GY049 : Juparana Champagne Indian Granite Sample, Juparana Champagne Granite Sample

GY139 : Madura Gold Indian Granite Sample, Madura Gold Granite Sample

GR107 : Multicolor Red Multicolor - Indian GraniteSample

GR056 : Paradisco India Granite Color : Paradisco Sample

GBR054 : Saphire Brown Indian Granite, Saphire Brown Granite Sample

GW025 : White Galaxy Indian Granite Sample, White Galaxy Granite Sample

GB105 : Blue Pearl Norway Granite Color : Blue Pearl Sample

GX117 : Emerald Pearl Indian Granite Sample, Emerald Pearl Granite Sample

GR016 : Dahota Mahogany USA, United State of America, American Granite Color : Dahota_Mahogany Sample

GR140 : Sallisbury Pink USA, United State of America, American Granite Color : Sallisbury Pink Sample

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