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G603 Gray
This gray granite is the most popular and best saleable model. It is originated from Fujan. It has very consistent color and pattern. As for quantitywise, huge supply is guaranteed. Most important, it is positioned at an extremly competitive price. It is widely used for external walling and paving and construction stones.
G633 Gray
This is known as Sesame Grey which is produced in Fujian Province. Its samll grey grains gives an elegant look. Supply is abundant and is favourable for external walling, flooring and countertops.

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G654 Black
This is well-known as Sesame Black with stable color and pattern and with abundance in supply. It is offered at very competitive price. This can apply to vanity-tops and flooring.
G684 Black
This is very good looking black granite. It is widely used on flooring and countertops. Color and pattern is very stable and positioned as medium to high quality standards. Volume supply can be secured.

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GR008 Red
This pink granite is known as Xili Red produced in Shenzhen. The color is slightly lighter than G635 and is very popular in lobby flooring, vanity tops. Volume shipment is assured and offered at very competitive price.
G635 Pink
This pink granite is also a popular model originated from Fujian. Color and pattern is fairly consistent. Abundance in supply and positioned at very competitive price. It is frequently used for lobby flooring and vanity tops.

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GY001 Yellow
This is positioned as a high end yellow granite with extremely good looking appearance. Color and pattern is consistent and can be used in many applications such as flooring and walling. We offer at reasonable price.
GG013 Green
This green granite is stable in color and pattern. Supply is limited. Favourable price is available. It is commonly used in countertops and flooring.

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