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    SDC Stone Plus Ltd.
    Email: market@sdcstone.com
    Unit 1212, New City Centre,
    No. 2 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
    Tel : (852) 2529 3610, Fax : (852) 2529 6277, 2529 3980

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Our Company, SDC Company was established since 1985. We export all kinds of marbles, granites, slates, and ornamental stones from the Mainland China. We have partner factories with mining quarries located in the provinces of Yunnan, Shangdong and Hebei. We understand that quality is a always a key element for customer satisfaction, so our partner factories are all equipped with imported processing machines from Italy and Taiwan to ensure fine quality finishing products for foreign and domestic market. Our quality stones, skill workmanship, advanced machines together with excellent service and in-depth mining and fine processing capabilities, all contributes to our success in export business. Our products include marble and granite tiles of all sizes and thickness from 300 mm X 300 mm X 10 mm up to 600 mm X 600 mm X 20 mm. Flamed and polished finishes can be applied to the stone. Standard size tiles are in stock and ready for delivery. Also we can supply paving of all custom sizes including thickness and wall cladding. Bathroom vanity and kitchen countertops and other furnishings can also be mass produced with our well-equipped facilities. After many years of unremitting endeavor, we have not only established long-term, stable and direct relationship with our clients in U.S.A., Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Some European markets, but most important promoted ourselves as a distributor of high quality stones in those countries.